Black Rice

I’m back guys! I missed you all so much. Thanks to everyone that reached out, and checked in. I appreciate you all a lot.

How have you been? These last few months were spent in intensive study for the biggest test I have ever taken. I started preparing for the test in January 2017. Between a 9-5, job-hunting, and running the business side of things, something had to give, and unfortunately it was this blog.

The pleasant news is that I passed!! 10+ months of studying, 26+ hours of listening to exam prep guides, prayers, multiple practice tests, 4+ hours seated taking the test… deep sigh! The joyful sound of success became my song!  I am immensely grateful!

While studying, cooking time became a non-affordable luxury, so I spent quite some time exploring different foods in my area and then discovered black rice through my local Bibimbap shop.

Since then, black rice has become quite a staple in my home. It is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks LOL, it is full of antioxidants, rich in flavor, and has the most amazing chewy texture ever… It is just plain exotic… Black rice has captured my taste buds.

I had cooked black rice as breakfast on Saturday morning, with 5 egg whites (microwaved), some lox, green onions, and a tablespoonful of toasted sesame oil.

I really enjoyed it. So simple, nutritious, delicious, and super filling.

Do you like black rice? Would you try it?

Have a lovely week! 🙂

One thought on “Black Rice

  1. ayyyee!! she’s backkk like she never left the building!!! Black rice!!! defn something worth trying! Your plate looks so colorful and nutritious! Missed you lots! Glad you’re back!

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