Hi there, welcome.  My name is ChiO. I love God, family, friends, food, dark chocolate, and life. I spent my childhood, and teenage years in Nigeria. As a result, my cooking is heavily influenced by the rich flavors and elements of Nigerian cuisine.

As I grew older and began to struggle with my weight, i started modifying my diet and cooking methods. These days I make lighter versions of Nigerian food. For example, Instead of deep frying and stewing party fish, i make a wicked fish salad complete with an egg for the extra protein punch!   The most rewarding part of cooking for me is when people eat, and love my food!  This has happened numerous times, and will happen to you as well when you make oyacomechop.com recipes.

“Oya Come Chop” is Nigerian pidgin (broken) English roughly translated to “Now let us eat”.

I spend at least 50% of my day thinking about food. What to eat, what to cook, what I am craving, how to cook a certain meal, tips and tricks to achieve a certain result, the list goes on. Working from 8AM to 5PM 5 days a week, leaves me clinging desperately to quick, easy, tasty and nutritious meals.   Through this blog, I will be sharing my kitchen experiences and recipes with you. I am hoping that we can learn a thing or two from each other.

Please drop a note or ask a question here: chi@oyacomechop.com.

Thank you for visiting.

Oya Come Chop! 🙂

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