Weeknight Mustard Greens

Hi Friends,

How have you been? The past weekend was busy. Oya Come Chop made the small chops at D’s wedding cocktail hour this weekend. It was beautiful and exciting.  We made Purple Chapman, ChinChin Cups, PuffPuff Meatpies, Fishrolls, and Chicken Skewers. Follow Oya Come Chop on instagram, to get up to date pictures on our kitchen activities :).

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Harissa Plum Goat

Happy Friday Friends! How was your week? I hope all is well and delicious in your life. Today i will be sharing one of my “quick and easy” kitchen tips. Natural flavorful sauces! That is the tip – “Natural flavorful sauces”. This sauce will transform your culinary reputation and tantalize your taste buds. Now repeat after me… “MINA Harissa

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